Life Is Too Short To Learn Everything

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We suffer from a chronic illness called dissatisfaction.
Dissatisfaction from work. Dissatisfaction from life.
Dissatisfaction from people. Dissatisfaction from everything.

I once attended a talk whose speaker talked about journey from Good to Great. He spoke about following a single passion. He talked about his life where he had dreamt of being a public speaker but ended up being an engineer. Nevertheless the spark within him remained and he was able to pursue his dream. His content and confidence moved me. His speech concluded with one of the best lessons in life: To start following a single passion to an extent that you’re not just good at it, you’re great at it.

Our deep dissatisfactions lead us to experiment with multiple choices to achieve things. Some things we never wanted to achieve in the first place. Sure, experimenting is fine for it leads to experiences (which leads to great blog writing). But in a place where mistakes are seldom acknowledged, people must refrain from experimenting.

Pick out one thing you love most in life and pursue it. Put in all your heart to it. Don’t worry about things that you may miss out upon along the way. Some things are supposed to be left alone.
Life is too short to worry about everything.
Life is too short to learn everything.


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