The Year of Experiences and Hope for The Leap.

I could be out there partying the entire night, but this year, I wanted different. I somehow knew what I wanted for myself. So when my party plans crashed, it was a joyous moment.

I wrote this blog in parts. Each line edited several times before I could realise it made sense. 2014 was a year of experiences. Here I count them down to the top three.

  1. I took up long distance running and began training for a marathon. I ran under my target timings and worked the hell out everyday. I realised I was capable of so much more than I ever thought. Over time I could actually enjoy the loneliness of a long distance runner.
  2. I lost my wallet in a city with 200 million people. A city where I was challenged with linguistic barrier. And got it back without a single penny missing. For a while I had completely given up on finding it. I remember praying to get it back. I have a deeper faith in humanity than ever before. I promised myself to be more spiritual. And I did hold onto that.
  3. I spent the last few days of the year at a Karate camp only to realise that I had made a horrible mistake by not being there for people who counted upon me. I promised myself to never let that happen again. I’m giving up completely on procrastination.

2015 could bring me sorrows, and it will. But that’s okay. 2014 turned out good and 2015 will turn out better.
You won’t live your life the way you think you can. It doesn’t work that way. Listen to what the world is telling you to do and grow with it. Take the leap. The best experiences are the ones that are unplanned.


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