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Is Music Really The Essence Of Running?

Music distracts you from the pain in your legs and overpowers your hearing against heavy breathing. For any beginner runner, music becomes essential instantly. I have been running for a while now and this has worked for me. I have an entire playlist dedicated to running and keep on expanding it regularly. My training tracks consist of long and lonely roads which make The Black Eyed Peas and Eminem ideal workout partners. I have run longer and faster with music than without it.

It is said that one must listen to their body when they run and focus on breathing patterns for improved performances. Nevertheless I have tried running without music but the rhythmic noises of exhaling and footsteps bored me to death. I may have a very biased opinion but it’s entirely based on experience.

Running with or without music is a debatable topic. Some elite runners keep their music players handy during workouts while some loathe music while running. Personally I recommend music while running. It makes workouts fun and easier.

Music does distract you…for the greater good.